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Cakes & Breads (9)

An old favourite, great with a boiled egg or a bowl of steaming hot soup. Here at Harringtons Bakery we pride ourselves in our quality range of soda and health breads. It includes both brown and fruit soda breads, health loaves and bastibles. This is also the family of the humble scone, available in fruit, brown or white varieties. Our soda breads are rich in flavour and full of iron and fibre, so when’s your next bowl of soup?

Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a Christening, Birthday, Wedding or any other reason for a party, we can create that special cake. We pride ourselves on every aspect of our cakes, from the recipes which we have used over five generations to the quality and decoration of the finished cake. We offer a wide choice of fillings for our cakes, fresh sponge, madeira, chocolate fudge, coffee fudge, chocolate biscuit being just some of what’s available. Why not give us a call to chat about any ideas you might have or are thinking about.

Whether its creamy donuts, pastries or éclairs are your favourite, or you prefer more traditional cake such as our cheese cakes, biscuit cakes, apple square or caramel squares, we have these and much more.

Baked fresh every morning at our bakery in Youghal, we pride ourselves on the taste and quality of our cakes, remember we have five generations of experience.

Believe it or not there is a lot of breads that are good for You. Our Spelt Sodas breads are wheat and yeast free,Our Wholemeal and Fruit Sodas are yeast free.The tasty sourdough bread is great for your digestive system.The spelt breads are good to release its energy slowly into your system which keeps you feeling full longer and the fibre in spelt helps lower cholesterol.